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Video Content Inspiration #2

Making entertaining and engaging video content is one of the hardest parts of being successful at online marketing. Ignore its potency at your peril!

If you are small business, start-up or somebody trying to get your voice heard online then you need to think about video as the most important medium for getting your message out there.

Unfortunately, video is one of the hardest content mediums to nail.  Not only can costs spiral out of control very quickly but unless you are careful in the planning stages you can end up with something that nobody is interested in watching or sharing.

Good ideas are the key to great online video content, not money, ideas..

In this section of When Blue Dogs Smile I dig around for the best video content on the web, so you don’t have to.

Some of the featured video might be big budget some might be very small, but the theme that will always prevail is the strength of the idea.

Find the inspiration for you next video right here…


Redbull: Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

Redbull understand online marketing better than most. It is thanks to videos like this that they dominate the energy drink market and retain one of the most powerful brands in the world.

In this latest video offering from Redbull the world’s best trial biker, Danny Macaskill, gives us a sneaky peak into what goes on inside his crazy, creative completely bonkers mind!

By making a very ambitious (and expensive) extreme sports film, then releasing it for free online, Redbull have again proven that they understand how to leverage their sports heroes to create the best viral video content the web has to offer.


GEICO: Hump Day Camel Commercial

Here is proof that the traditional 30-second ad slot can still work online. GEICO haven’t done anything new here. In fact stuck to the oldest formula in the book: Animals plus comedy always equals success.

I think the interesting thing here is that by being short, snappy and universally funny GEICO have proven that online video content doesn’t necessarily have to do anything new or different to the old T.V ads, you just have to make sure it’s damn funny.. Oh and having a talking camel definitely helps.


Adobe: Photoshop Live – Street Retouch Prank


Adobe has created a something here that is both heart-warming and hilarious.  But, it could have easily turned out more than just a little bit creepy. By taking clandestine photographs of people waiting at bus stops and then photoshopping them live onto the bus shelter’s advertising billboard they have pulled of the perfect prank. It is fun, engaging and most importantly different from anything done before.

Flash mobbing was the first powerful use of the prank by businesses in online video content. Since then companies have been on the look out for new and unique ways to pull of locally targeted pranks that can be streamed to an international audience, Abode have created a peach here. Watch it, it’s brilliant.


Reprieve UK: Drones – It Wasn’t Me


Parody, politics and music from Shaggy. What more could you want from a video commissioned by a charity? ‘It Wasn’t Me’ was originally released in 2001 and featured Shaggy making a bold denial about something that may, or may not have taken place on a bathroom floor (with the girl next door).

In this version President Obama uses the same famous song to perscribe his deniability in USA sanctioned drone attacks. This video is a great reminder that you don’t necessarily need to tackle a big and powerful subject with a big, powerful rhetoric. Often it is comedy that can bring the bigger issues to a much wider audience.


Metro Trains, Melbourne: Dumb Ways to Die


Metro Trains Melbourne has come up with this rather funny little ditty to promote railway safety. On the surface, ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ sounds like a Jack Johnson surfer jam, but the lyrics here tell quite a different story. ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ leads the listener/watcher on a colourful and morbid journey through the varies dumb ways you might die.

What makes this video interesting above and beyond its quite obvious entertainment value is that its viral potential hinges not only on humour but also on the message. By taking time and money to increase awareness of potential safety issues Metro have created something that is both useful and entertaining.

photo credit: doug.siefken via photopin cc