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Video Content Ideas #1

Maybe you are looking for ideas that will send your next video viral, or maybe you just want to watch some great videos from across the web? Either way, check out my top 5 online videos from the past week here:


 FOMO Horror Movie

What are your Facebook friends doing while you sit at home alone on a Saturday night? College Humour create a great piece of video content that satirises the ‘Fomo’ [Fear Of Missing Out] effect with hilarious results.

Nabil Goes In

Upshot TV and Nabil provide us with a powerful response to the Woolwich murder.

Evian – Baby and Me

Evian proving once again that the combination of good humour and dancing babies will always equal mountains of Youtube hits and shares.

Laughter: Serious Business

Eric Tsytsylin delivers a short lecture for Stanford Business about the powerful effect laughter can have on our productivity.

Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

CP Grey give us a [slightly biased] explanation about why coffee is the greatest drink on the planet.



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