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Online Privacy Dies, Who Is To Blame?

Last week, amidst confusion and anonymity, The Guardian Newspaper released a series of top-secret presentation slides referring to a previously unknown computer program run by the NSA. This program, designed to bypass online privacy laws, has gained access to private and personal data held by many of the major...

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Infographic: Google Vs Facebook -The PPC wars

Can Facebook ever match up to Google as a platform for effective digital advertising? Google’s Adwords platform is the stand-alone champion of PPC advertising, it’s powerhouse status is unrivaled. Facebook have made inroads into PPC advertising over the last few years, but with limited success. They quickly rose to...

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Social Media Loses Its Cool

Cool is a commodity no business wants to lose, especially when its clientele reside in the unforgiving world of youth culture. Mark Zuckerberg knew this when Facebook launched in March 2004. He didn’t know what cool was, but he knew what wasn’t cool – money, especially advertising money. The...

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