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Food For Thought #1 – Staying On-Trend With Digital Marketing

This is a new feature for the blog. I am hoping it will act as a sounding board for some of my more controversial, personal opinions about the current state of play in digital marketing. I have a problem with the term ‘on-trend’. I find the phrase repulsive, a...

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3 Ways Your Business Should Be Using SoLoMo To Generate Revenue

Firstly, what the hell is SoLoMo? SoLoMo sounds like something a ‘txt msg’ lingo savvy friend might write to indicate that your recent attempt at humour was below usual standards. Fortunately, for those of us who can’t help but cringe at the text messaging lingo franca, this isn’t the...

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Social Media Loses Its Cool

Cool is a commodity no business wants to lose, especially when its clientele reside in the unforgiving world of youth culture. Mark Zuckerberg knew this when Facebook launched in March 2004. He didn’t know what cool was, but he knew what wasn’t cool – money, especially advertising money. The...

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The Revolution Has Begun

The Context Marketing Revolution

Let’s Start With Content Marketing? To understand context marketing we first have to understand what content marketing is and what it means for the digital marketing in 2103. Content marketing is an umbrella term that defines the creation and sharing of any content that is not directly related to...

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