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when blue dogs smile - sharing an umbrella - represents sharing online content

Make Your Content Shareable In 5 Easy Steps

1.  React To Current Trends Create a piece of content that reacts to a current media trend. Use Google Trends to find out what people are searching for and hijack it for use on your own blog or social media channel. People love to use social media to prove...

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Video Content Ideas #1

Maybe you are looking for ideas that will send your next video viral, or maybe you just want to watch some great videos from across the web? Either way, check out my top 5 online videos from the past week here:    FOMO Horror Movie What are your Facebook...

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Smiling Woman, Purple, Make Google Smile

Making Google Happy

SEO is changing. It is just over a year since Google introduced us to their first major anti-spam algorithm update, Penguin. Then last week, Matt Cutts (Google’s head of search spam) announced they would be rolling out some tweaks and changes that they hope will continue the fight against...

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The Revolution Has Begun

The Context Marketing Revolution

Let’s Start With Content Marketing? To understand context marketing we first have to understand what content marketing is and what it means for the digital marketing in 2103. Content marketing is an umbrella term that defines the creation and sharing of any content that is not directly related to...

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