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3 Ways Your Business Should Be Using SoLoMo To Generate Revenue

Firstly, what the hell is SoLoMo?

SoLoMo sounds like something a ‘txt msg’ lingo savvy friend might write to indicate that your recent attempt at humour was below usual standards. Fortunately, for those of us who can’t help but cringe at the text messaging lingo franca, this isn’t the case.

We have the venture capitalist John Doerr to thank for this partuicular addition to the digital marketing vocabulary. Simply put, SoLoMo stands for Social, Local, Mobile.

More specifically, it denotes the relationship between users of smartphones and tablets [mobile],  the GPS enabled positioning that these devices have and how search engines are using this data [local], and the social media conversations that these users are involved in whilst on the move [Social].

SoLoMo is a digital marketing trend that gives boutique local businesses the chance to compete with huge corporations in online search. Think about it like this, if you can provide a potential customer with relevant content, specific to their location, you can beat the web giants and score a lead before they even get a sniff at it.


I’m confused, I need an example..

Lets say you own a shop that sells tea and you are based in Leeds, UK. A visitor to the city wants to buy a present for their friend but they don’t know where to start.

While browsing their Facebook feed (on their mobilethey come across a post from said friend claiming they’ve just had a cup of X tea, and it’s the best tea they’ve ever tasted. The visitor quickly jumps over to their mobile browser and searches for ‘X tea Leeds shop’.


What can you do to make sure you are using SoLoMo marketing to full effect?

    1. 1.Be Social

Smartphone users spend a huge proportion of their online mobile time using social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 80% of all smartphone owners access social networks from their devices and 55% of them visit their favorite social networks at least once every single day.
Think about the different ways your customers use social media while on the move, think about the ways you use social media on the move. Create content strategies that mirror these behaviors, play up to them.
Do you stock a certain popular brand that people might be interacting with online on  a regular basis? If so, make sure you create content that references this brand, then link your content back to theirs. By curating these relationships carefully you will ensure that your customers know who to visit next time they want to make a purchase.


    1. 2.Optimise For Local Search

Local search drives action. Mobile device users love to use their prefered device to find out what is happening around them. They might be searching for some live music they can watch during an evening out with friends, or which local restaurant is offering a great early bird menu deal. Both of these examples are using their mobile devices at the very end of the marketing funnel, they are looking to convert to action immediately. You must be visible at this point otherwise you will lose their business.

Ensure you are signed up to Google Places and The Bing Business Portal, these invaluable tool will help people find your service specific to your location. They also provide information including maps, opening hours and a contact telephone number.


  1. 3.Build For Mobile

Make sure you’re website is responsive and looks great across all platforms. The key to a successful mobile friendly site is to keep things as simple as possible. Mobile users don’t want to scroll through pages lots of irrelevant information just to find your price list or menu. They want solutions to their immediate problems. Remember, these are people whom are hoping to convert to an action that could bring your business substantial revenue almost immediately.


Get in there, quick.

Recent data on mobile solutions for e-commerce vendors suggests that only 48% of retailers have a website that is optimised for mobile devices. This leaves a lot of room for you to carve out your niche, but don’t dawdle, your customers are waiting.





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