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Search Engine People: A Catch Up

Over the past few months I penned a couple articles for a great digital marketing blog called Search Engine People. I thought it about time I shared them over here, just in case anybody stumbling through the dark, slimy alleys of the internet happens across them here first.


The Real Cost Of Adwords

The first article – The Real Cost Of Adwords – Six Calculation You Need to Know looks at some of the most important metrics when it comes to better understanding the way your business uses Google Adwords.

I penned this one because I felt that despite Adwords working most of these calculations out for you it is still very important to understand the basic maths behind the automated results you see.

Here’s a little extract from the piece, click the link at the bottom of you want to check out the full article:

Adwords is every marketer’s dream. It provides metrics, graphs and stats for every eventuality. There are, in fact, so many metrics available the mountain of data produced can be a little overwhelming. Unfortunately this all singing all dancing approach to analytics has created complacency when it comes to comprehension of the resulting statistics. Below there are 10 simple formulas that will help you understand how Adwords costs are calculated and measured:



Curating A Successful Social Photography Competition

The 2nd article took a close look at how to manage a successful social media photography competition. The article examines the companies who provide the best platforms for running competitions, tips for analysing your results and some more general pointers to get you moving in the right direction.

Having recently curated a brand new photography competition for Lowe Alpine I thought it would be fun to share some of the tip and tricks I picked up along the way. Check out the extract below and click the read more link if you want to read any further.

Running a photo contest is a great way to tap into the powerful appeal of visual content on the social web. Photography is the most widely used medium on social media today. By tapping into this trend and encouraging user-generated-content from your fans and followers you can not only help increase your social presence but can also drive high quality traffic and ultimately great leads to your website.


I will be contributing to the Search Engine People blog regularly moving forward. They’ve got some great articles and some great writers, so be sure to check them out.