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Social Media Loses Its Cool

Cool is a commodity no business wants to lose, especially when its clientele reside in the unforgiving world of youth culture. Mark Zuckerberg knew this when Facebook launched in March 2004. He didn’t know what cool was, but he knew what wasn’t cool – money, especially advertising money. The...

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Making Google Happy

SEO is changing. It is just over a year since Google introduced us to their first major anti-spam algorithm update, Penguin. Then last week, Matt Cutts (Google’s head of search spam) announced they would be rolling out some tweaks and changes that they hope will continue the fight against...

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The Revolution Has Begun

The Context Marketing Revolution

Let’s Start With Content Marketing? To understand context marketing we first have to understand what content marketing is and what it means for the digital marketing in 2103. Content marketing is an umbrella term that defines the creation and sharing of any content that is not directly related to...

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In Search Engines We Trust

I have spent a lot of time over the last few years thinking about trust online. It has, in many ways become the focal point of what I want this blog to become. Most of us are contently neck deep in the technicalities of marketing businesses online and it is very...

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Dirty Filthy Marketing

WhenBlueDogsSmile is my new digital marketing, SEO, social media and online strategy blog. I’m hoping it’ll be a refuge for all you people who don’t want to read the same old spammy dribble that 95% of digital marketing blogs seem to want to peddle. I don’t know about you,...

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