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WhenBlueDogsSmile is my new digital marketing, SEO, social media and online strategy blog.

I’m hoping it’ll be a refuge for all you people who don’t want to read the same old spammy dribble that 95% of digital marketing blogs seem to want to peddle.

I don’t know about you, but the word ‘marketing’ or ‘marketer’ makes a tiny chunks of vomit rise uncontrollably into my mouth – It’s a dirty word, with dirty connotations.

Over the years marketers have delivered acres of junk mail through your letterbox. They’ve called your personal phone to conduct ‘research questionnaires’ at 8 o’clock in the evening, they’ve spammed your inbox so full of crap you very nearly gave up on the internet altogether – resigning it as a space solely catering for those in need of dodgy diet pills and penis enlargements.

Bad marketers have worked hard over the years to develop terrible relationships with customers, clients and the general public. These relationships, founded on dishonesty, distrust and immorality have continued unabated into the digital realm.

At WhenBlueDogsSmile I’m going to speak about some of the ways we can change the marketing status quo. There’s no place left in the world for those old timers who think that dirty tricks and dishonest techniques hold the key to success.

The web is slowly becoming a global platform for honesty. Search engines are working harder than ever to cut out spammy content. Peer reviews, user ratings and social media are all platforms that help the consumer to make better choices, and slowly but surely marketers are waking up to the truth that has been looming over them for a long, long time:

Honesty really is the best policy.

That is what WhenBlueDogsSmile is all about – bringing the honesty back to the marketing world. I’m going to be diving head first into the reality of what it means to be be digital marketeer right now. I will be looking at the esoteric, the technical, and the fun. The positives and the negatives… The good, the bad and even the ugly.

So come join me, please comment freely and openly. Argue, debate and even troll..  After all this is the internet!

Ciao for now…




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