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Search Engine People

Search Engine People: A Catch Up

Over the past few months I penned a couple articles for a great digital marketing blog called Search Engine People. I thought it about time I shared them over here, just in case anybody stumbling through the dark, slimy alleys of the internet happens across them here first.  ...

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The Resurrection Of The Blog – Who Survived The Great Cull of ‘08

In  2008 tech luminaries such as Wired Magazine began posting articles proclaiming the death of the blog. The gargantuan Huff Post and Buzz Feed were just beginning their infamous rise to power and the rhetoric at the time was deeply rooted in negativity; nobody could quite fathom how smaller...

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Penguin On Ice With Red Face | Yoast Post Penguin

Yoast Post Penguin 2.0 – Long-Tail Keyword Issues

If you own a WordPress blog or have a website that is powered by WordPress, you will no doubt have come across the Yoast SEO plugin. If you use the plugin regularly to optimise blog posts you too may have considered that it’s relevance and effectiveness could be waning...

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Video Content Inspiration #2

Making entertaining and engaging video content is one of the hardest parts of being successful at online marketing. Ignore its potency at your peril! If you are small business, start-up or somebody trying to get your voice heard online then you need to think about video as the most...

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Food For Thought #1 – Staying On-Trend With Digital Marketing

This is a new feature for the blog. I am hoping it will act as a sounding board for some of my more controversial, personal opinions about the current state of play in digital marketing. I have a problem with the term ‘on-trend’. I find the phrase repulsive, a...

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Make Your Content Shareable In 5 Easy Steps

1.  React To Current Trends Create a piece of content that reacts to a current media trend. Use Google Trends to find out what people are searching for and hijack it for use on your own blog or social media channel. People love to use social media to prove...

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Online Privacy Dies, Who Is To Blame?

Last week, amidst confusion and anonymity, The Guardian Newspaper released a series of top-secret presentation slides referring to a previously unknown computer program run by the NSA. This program, designed to bypass online privacy laws, has gained access to private and personal data held by many of the major...

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Infographic: Google Vs Facebook -The PPC wars

Can Facebook ever match up to Google as a platform for effective digital advertising? Google’s Adwords platform is the stand-alone champion of PPC advertising, it’s powerhouse status is unrivaled. Facebook have made inroads into PPC advertising over the last few years, but with limited success. They quickly rose to...

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3 Ways Your Business Should Be Using SoLoMo To Generate Revenue

Firstly, what the hell is SoLoMo? SoLoMo sounds like something a ‘txt msg’ lingo savvy friend might write to indicate that your recent attempt at humour was below usual standards. Fortunately, for those of us who can’t help but cringe at the text messaging lingo franca, this isn’t the...

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Video Content Ideas #1

Maybe you are looking for ideas that will send your next video viral, or maybe you just want to watch some great videos from across the web? Either way, check out my top 5 online videos from the past week here:    FOMO Horror Movie What are your Facebook...

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